How to Write a Marketing Plan


How to Write a Marketing Plan

It is not an easy question. Moreover, the teacher does not want to get a purely hypothetical marketing plan which is completely useless. Your teacher wants to get an original marketing plan written from scratch; the plan which can be truly implemented in real world of business. Thus, be ready to work hard and to spend endless hours researching, drafting, organizing ideas, and writing the marketing plan.

Marketing Plan Writing Tips

 Before you may start writing a marketing plan, you should define your target market and evaluate the current or the potential needs of your target consumers. This step includes conducted a thorough market research which include one of the following methods:

  1. Transaction Log Analysis
  2. Circulation Records
  3. Focus Group Interviews
  4. User Surveys
  5. Online Questionnaire

The steps to write a marketing plan include the following elements:

    • Mission Statement

At this point, you need to develop a clear mission statement which includes the overview of the nature of your business, services, and market. A couple of sentences would be enough.

    • List of Niche Markets

This section of your marketing plan should describe the potential buyers of your product or service. Segments may cover specific people by their role in a company or by their needs (in case of consumers)

    • Description of Services/Products

In order to understand your market, you need to proceed with the market research and identify their needs. In addition, the internal analysis should be done to identify whether you can offer new products and services.

    • Overview of Promotional Strategies

Nobody will know about your unique product or service if you do not promote it. The key for successful marketing is the understanding of motivations for consumers to buy the product or service.

You may choose one of the following marketing strategies:

    • Network (pay special attention to electronic networking; online discussion groups)
    • Direct marketing (selling through letters, flyers, regular offers, direct contacts)
    • Advertising in print media (immediate response, perceived as credible by clients)
    • Trade shows (participation in trade shows may boost the awareness on your product)

Marketing plan writing help by professional writers

Of course, the above advices do not cover all aspects of marketing plan writing and you should pay attention to analysis of competition, marketing goals, evaluation of goals, and many other aspects of writing and researching process.

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