How to Write a Management Report


How to Write a Management Report

How to write a management report? If you want the management report reader to change their opinions, you lead them up to the desired change, but let them take the last step themselves.

The theory is that people are more easily convinced if they think that they made up their own minds and no one told them what to think. Often, however, this tactic doesn't work because of the difficulty of getting even intelligent report reader to see the implications behind the facts when these implications are left unsaid.

  • It is better to draw conclusions for the report readers to increase the likelihood that they understand what you are driving at and what you want them to do.

Report Writing Tips

The principle that you should state report’s conclusions doesn't stand up equally well under all conditions.

  • For example, if the audience is hostile or suspicious, they may view any statement of market report conclusions as "propaganda." If the report readers are sophisticated, they may perceive stated conclusions as an insult to their intelligence, even though, if the repot conclusions were left unsaid, they may think that something was being kept from them.

Sometimes it makes little difference whether management report conclusions are stated or not.

  • For example, when the issues are simple enough so that everybody will know almost immediately what opinion you are trying to get them to adopt, it is not worth worrying about conclusions.

But anytime that the college report writer is not sure of how intelligent his audience is, or how easy to understand his arguments are, the safe procedure would be to state conclusions, and not just imply them.

Final Points to Consider in Your Management Report Writing

There are other points of view which indicate the superiority of the emotional type of appeal, and just as many which find the rational appeal better. Part of the difficulty in drawing report conclusions from the available research lies in the lack of agreement among the report writer and his colleagues on how emotional and rational appeals are to be defined and distinguished from each other. However, the two kinds of appeals are not exclusive alternatives.

  • For example, an emotional appeal can interest a person enough in a problem to make him want to examine facts.

It would seem that there is no rule about which appeal to use. Much depends on the issue to be discussed, and the composition of report listeners or report readers. Other articles on how to write a management report, how to write a summary report, how to write a market report, how to write a college report you may find in the Internet.

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