How To Write A Literature Review


How To Write A Literature Review?

The goal of literature review writing is to demonstrate your tutor that you have read the literary work, grasp an idea of the work. Writing literature review, you must keep in mind that your work should not be just a description of what the other authors have already published.

Your literature review should be written in the form of critical discussion, analyze relevant published works. It is a good idea to find sample of literature review or free literature review example to see and read how to write such academic work. How to write literature work or how to write book or article review you may find by searching relative topics in the Internet.

What Important Facts Should You Not Forget?

To understand how to write literature review, it is important to distinguish between review and a piece of serious criticism.

  • Literature review announces a work, describes its subject, discusses its method and its technical qualities, and examines its merit, when it is compared with other similar works. Its function is to give its reader an accurate idea of the book under consideration, in order that he may decide whether he wishes to read it or not.
  • The critic, on the other hand, usually writes about works, which have some standing and which are not brand new, judging them by critical standards, which are either consciously formulated or implied in the critical article.

However, the boundary line between the two forms is very uncertain in actual practice. For example, Poe's review of Hawthorne Twice-Told Tales fits almost perfectly the description here given and yet it is one of the major critical documents in American literary history. On the other hand, the critical quarterlies often carries pieces, which are an ostentatiously criticism and yet remain at the core merely journalistic reviews.

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