How To Write A Literary Criticism


How to Write a Literary Criticism

Literary criticism is the analysis of the work that is evaluation or interpretation. There are many ways to evaluate the work.

Thus, the principle we are considering becomes more meaningful when we are going to write not just about "many sides", of the discussed work but of the several sides that could be presented in the literary criticism essay.

Why is it often effective to present more than one side of an argument in the literary criticism writing?

  • First, it implies that the literary criticism, essay writer has objectivity.
  • Second, a two-sided presentation appeals to the needs of the audience to be treated as mature, informed individuals. It is difficult to have a one-sided presentation without giving the literary essay reader an impression that they are being talked down to or spoon-fed. Such an impression will be resented by those, who are genuinely informed on the topic, and those who think they are. This means almost everybody.
  • Third, giving both sides enables the college literary essay writer to anticipate counterarguments that the audience is rehearsing as they attend to his message. In the course of bringing up and demolishing counterarguments, literary essay writer may state the case for the other side in a less convincing way than its proponents might state it.

The Devices, Which Are Sometimes Used To Suggest Candor:

    1. Adjust the message to what is known about the audience. If there is reason to believe that the audience is unfriendly, suspicious of the literary criticism writer, or quite knowledgeable about some aspects of the issues discussed, there should be a painstaking and conspicuous attempt at an unbiased treatment.
    2. Everybody knows that none of us is perfect, and being honest with the audience is a good way to gain their sympathy. Of course, the literary criticism essay is the writer’s feeling that his position is the fundamentally right one should show through this part of the argument as well as other parts. Any number of minor shortcomings can be aired in such a way that they would appear to be negligible in the long run.

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