How to Write a Dissertation


How to Write a Dissertation

If you do not know how to write dissertation, while the deadline for the first draft is approaching, you are in trouble. Nevertheless, there are no dead-end situations! This article is written with the hope to assist you in those situations when you do not know how to write a dissertation and need effective advices. This article covers only the first steps of dissertation writing process. In addition, you may also read about dissertation writing blog to learn more about dissertation writing.

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The following dissertation writing tips are presented to show the possible development of the dissertation writing project from the very beginning.

Free dissertation example “The Effects of Financial Stress in Higher Education”

1. Introduction

The financial function of an institution of higher education serves as a vital factor in the institution's long-term viability and success. The issue of financial stress in higher education is important for administrators to address, preferably in a proactive stance prior to crisis rather than as a reaction to a specific financial crisis. The importance and timeliness of this subject is apparent in reading almost any issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education.

2. Statement of the Problem

The problem that will be addressed in this study is the determination of the patterns and processes used to address financial crisis in institutions of higher education. The study will explore the sources of financial stress, and the responses to financial stress during times of financial crisis.

3. Definition of Key Terms        

  • Financial stress is defined as an influence which disrupts or distresses the financial function in institution's operations.
  • Environmental scanning is defined as the identification of environmental factors and the importance of those factors to the institution.

These are the first three steps of dissertation writing project and you have a long road ahead. If you are in need of professional dissertation writing services, do not hesitate to use our custom dissertation writing service and get your dissertation written by professional writers. Revisions and amendments are free of charge and can be requested as many times as you need until your requirements are fully met!

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