How to Write a Contrast Essay


How to Write a Contrast Essay

How to write a contrast essay? Let’s discuss the process of writing contrast essay or how to write a controversial issue essay.

  • First, it is very important to choose great compare contrast topic. It should not be too general or global, as a relatively short length of compare contrast essay will not allow the student to disclose the topic. In selecting compare and contrast topic, the student must wonder how much this issue is highlighted in the available scientific literature.
  • When the choice is done, compare contrast essay writer should start reading the relevant literature. Here, the student need to distinguish the proper scientific literature from the popular science publications, and often from the literature of pseudo-scientific nature, what is to inexperience compare contrast essay writer is not an easy task.

Unfortunately, in the past, and especially in recent years, there were published a huge number of publications of very questionable quality. Especially, many questionable articles are published in popular science magazines and periodical press. In chase of sensation, they put on the pages amateurish and very often unreliable articles that "disprove" established views, traditional dating or, for example, linking the ancient monuments with the activities of some mystical force or with the newcomers.

  • It is recommended to write an essay in your own words, avoiding textual rewriting from the literary sources. Academic essay must be written by literate English language. Abridgement is not permitted in the compare and contrast essay writing; exceptions are well-known abbreviations and acronyms.

 Academic Contrast Essay Writing

Academic essay writing is not a journalistic investigation. Typical for publicism emotionality and inequity are unacceptable in academic English essay writing. The position of the essay writer must be unprejudiced, objective and impartial. Correct interpretation of concepts, their precision and scientific character has the great importance. The terms should be generally accepted or must be used with the reference to the author.

At the same time the student should avoid excessive academese. It is necessary to use scientific terminology reasonably and avoid unnecessary use of incomprehensible terms, and in the case of their use the writer must explain the meaning of terms in parentheses or in footnote.

Contrast Essay Venn Diagram Advice

In order to write a good contrast essay, you may consider creating a Venn Diagram:

  • Draw two large circles on the paper and allow them to overlap (creating an area in the middle shared by both circles)
  • Think about your topic in terms of black, gray, and white. Black and white represents concepts which are different from each others; while gray color stands for similarities.
  • Similarities should be listed in the shared area while differences should be listed in separate circles.

Thus, you have the backbone for your contrast essay writing: you have similarities and differences write in front of you and you may confidently start writing your contrast essay.

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