How To Write A Composition


How To Write A Composition: The Process Includes Such Tips

At times, the process of college essay writing is a discovery that may lead us to make major changes in our understanding of a given topic; we may no longer think or feel as we once did.

More frequently, the process of college essay writing entails a revision of existing structures, a heightened sense of a relationship between X and Y, a clearer understanding of the implications of a given assumption.

The process of discovery takes place before the students actually begin to write draft. Some of the attributes of the essay writing process is the correspondence to certain powerful learning strategies.

Academic writing process offers unique opportunities for analysis and revision of our ideas. With English essay writing, we may come back to our exact phrases (rather than the near approximation that memory sometimes provides) and cross-examine ourselves as rigorously as we can bear: When I make this statement, do I mean X or Y? If I mean X, how can I reconcile that statement with what I have said previously? If I modify X, how does the modification affect what I wish to say later in my argument?

Composition Writing Tips

Sometimes, college essay writing serves as the process of discovery in oblique ways. Some of us write the essay at length only to discover what we do not think. Moreover, in seeing what we do not believe, we begin to get a sense of what we do believe.

 On the other hand, sometimes we may forge ahead with a draft, uncertain of exactly, what we want to say, but just trying to get words onto paper.

On rereading the draft, we find that some of our writing is totally pointless that is, we recognize some implicit assumption, some previously unidentified implication in our essay writing. We make the explicit assumption and try to develop this assertion, finding, perhaps, that it becomes one of the important points, which we want to make in the final draft of our college writing.

Occasionally, even the process of editing may involve discovery. An apparently small consideration such as transitions may lead us to rethink an entire passage of essay.

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