How to Write a Classification Paper


How to Write a Classification Paper?

Firstly, classification means that a subject is identified and explored in its parts. Classification paper writing is more difficult than other types of essays.

Secondly, classification paper writing requires a careful choice of the topic.

  • For example, if you have to classify a student, you may open your classification paper by stating the name of a student. Then, you should choose the certain system to classify a student: appearance, school classes, extracurricular activities, physical characteristics, psychological portrait, etc. Finally, you need to describe a student using that system.

Thirdly, you need to take into account the qualities of a subject which make that subject different to others. You should avoid using lengthy description while writing your classification paper. You may consider using elements of comparison and contrast, cause and effect, descriptions, etc.

Classification Paper Essential Elements

There are several vital elements of classification paper writing:

  • Short introduction. You should gain attention of the readers with an interesting example. However, do not forget to state the specific thesis statement, purpose of your paper writing, and the topic
  • Detailed body of your classification paper. In this part of your classification paper writing, you should describe the chosen subject in accordance to the system you have chosen. Be sure to choose a clear system
  • Summarizing conclusion. You should end your classification paper with the restatement of thesis, overview of key ideas, and the overall round up of the paper. One or two interesting sentences is usually enough.

Classification Paper Prewriting

Many students neglect the important of prewriting and it is one of the most serious academic mistakes they make. In other words, when a student starts writing a classification paper, he thinks that a rough draft is good enough to be submitted as a final draft. Nevertheless, rough draft should be edited several times before it can be submitted as a final draft.

A rare writer, not even talking about a student, can sit down and write a great classification paper without adequate preparation. At least, you should create categories and list the specific factors for each. However, the truth is that not every student has enough time to devote to every single aspect of classification paper writing, preparation, research, editing, etc. What should you do? Find out the answer to this question in the next section!

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