How to Write a Book Critique


How to Write a Book Critique

If you have to write a book critique and yet you do not know how to proceed, this article is written just for you! Our professional writers share their knowledge on how to write a book critique from scratch without relying on available criticism. Unless required by the teacher, you expected not to use published criticism as you need to rely on your own perception of the book, its themes, structure, and other elements.

Book Critique Writing Tips

  • Is the author successful in making points?

Indeed, this question is the most important. Your task is to dissect the book’s content in order to show whether or not the author succeeded in making his or her points. You need to look at such issues as choice of words, transitions from one idea to other, overall book structure, etc.

  • Is the author an expert in the discussed field?

In order to complete this step successfully, you should pay attention to the author’s background. Sometimes, vital information is provided in the book preface; however, you should also conduct some research on the author in order to find the answer to this question.

  • What is your overall opinion about the book?

Did you enjoy reading the book? Why or why not? Would you recommend any changes to the author? Successful book critique will not be such without your own opinion stated about the book itself. Do not be afraid to focus on positive as well as negative impressions about the book

  • Would you recommend the book to others?

If you would not recommend the book to your friends, it means that you disliked it and your book critique is most likely to focus on failures of the author. Similarly, you may also mention the audience for the book to justify your recommendation.

How to Write a Book Critique Help

Not every student has enough time to write book critiques. If you are one of such students, you have the great chance to use our professional book critique writing services. We have been in book critique writing business for over 5 years and our writers are experienced enough to deliver the best book critique written from scratch in full accordance to your specific wants, needs, requirements, and expectations!

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