How To Write A Biography


How To Write A Biography: The Key Advices

What is biography and how to write it? Biography is the record of a particular man's life. As an ideal form, it should be a deliberate history and should treat the whole, or at least a considerable part, of a man's career.

These requirements define biography conveniently as a literary form; any further theoretical limits disregard actual important and successful biographies.

The Difference Between Biography And Autobiography

It points merely to the technical difference between a life, written by the subject, and a life, written by someone else.

The development of the historical sense made biography more just in its re-creations of men long dead. Antiquarianism, the encyclopedias, and scientific research instituted Scholarly Biography, the exact, dispassionate marshalling of verifiable details, often in large collections, such as the various national dictionaries of biography.

The basic requisites for all true biographies must naturally lie in certain zeal in discovering, and rectitude in presenting, facts. Such exact knowledge and its sources may be well concealed; but without it, biography is merely impure fiction.

How To Write Bibliography? The Important Facts

If the biographer looks at the times, it must be only with the purpose of presenting a well constructed and unified impression of the personality of his subject.

If he introduces LETTERS and ANECDOTES (as he surely will), it will be only such anecdotes and letters as reflection of this central conception of personality.

Biography today, then, may be defined as the accurate presentation of the life history from birth to death of an individual, this presentation being secured through an honest effort to interpret the facts of the life in such a way, as to offer a unified impression of the character, mind, and personality of the subject.

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