How Do You Write a Thesis


How Do You Write a Thesis

Soon you will get your master’s degree and become a respectful person among the academic staff. Still, all this is the final result, and now you have to think how to cope with the process of writing successfully. This article will give you an answer to the question ‘how do you write a thesis’.

How do you write a thesis: Choosing a subject

The topic of a thesis paper is very important. It should be not only relevant but also interesting enough for you to be able to focus on it at least a couple of months. Also, it is important to ask your supervisor for approval of the topic picked. If s/he finds it inappropriate, most likely, you will have to change it.

How do you write a thesis: Finding the right literature

While writing your thesis, you will have to support your ideas by referring to sufficient and up-to-date literature. What is more, you need to make sure the sources of information are credit so that you can refer to them. Every university has also the courses on finding literature offered on a regular basis.

How do you write a thesis: Researching the topic

Thesis writing requires deep and profound research on the topic picked. Usually, there are 3 main types of research:

  • Qualitative research – implies reading about different points of view on the topic and finding out more about various approaches towards solving the problem;
  • Quantitative research – means dealing with numbers and making calculations;
  • Mixed type of research – comprises both activities.

Whether you have to choose qualitative, quantitative, or mixed type of research depends on your thesis topic.

How do you write a thesis: Making notes

Notes are extremely important as they help you understood better the subject and find relationships between issues.

How do you write a thesis: Writing a research proposal

Most universities require research proposals where a student has to inform on what s/he is going to investigate and how the research procedure will be conducted. The structure of a research proposal is the following:

  • Introduction;
  • Historical context;
  • Methodology;
  • Expectations.

How do you write a thesis: Creating the thesis paper

To write a thesis paper, you have to be aware of the main requirements to it (including the requirements for a thesis structure, format, and the general organization). We advise you plan your writing steps and spend some time every day writing your thesis parts.

How do you write a thesis: Editing

It is better to do editing after the entire paper is completed, not while writing the thesis itself. If you are not sure about your editing abilities, apply to custom writing service.

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