Help with Research Paper Proposal


Help with Research Paper Proposal

Before you start investigate the research paper topic chosen, you have to pass a test with the committee. Your main purpose is to convince them that you are ready enough to start researching. For this purpose, you have to prepare a research paper proposal in which the key points of your future investigation are stated.

If you have never dealt with a research proposal before, it may be a real challenge for you. That is why our help with research paper proposal is right in time for you. So, read the information presented below and take advantage of our help with research paper proposal.

Help with research paper proposal: Title Page

Title page is a compulsory element of all research proposals. It is a front page of your document, though, we strongly recommend you make it after the entire work is completed. Only after you finish writing your paper, you will be able to make necessary improvements into your title page.

Help with research paper proposal: Historical Background

Once you have chosen a topic for your research paper, you have to briefly overview the previous works devoted to your topic. That is why it is important to make notes while reading what other researchers said about the problem you consider. These notes will serve you as a basis for the chapter of your proposal called “Historical Background”.

Help with research paper proposal: Purposes

In this part of proposal, tell what you are going to investigate. What purposes do you pursue while researching the topic chosen? Here, explain also the choice of your research paper topic. Why have you decided to select this but not some other subject for your research paper? Tell what results you expect to get.

Help with research paper proposal: Methodology

This part of research proposal is devoted to the methods you chose to investigate the topic. In order to write this chapter properly, you have to consult your supervisor first on the appropriateness of the research methods you have chosen. If your supervisor approves your choice, explain in your proposal why these very methods are effective and how they may help you avoid possible difficulties in research.

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