GCSE Science Coursework


GCSE Science Coursework

Why is it so hard to write GCSE science coursework? Teachers think that students who have visited all lectures and studied diligently should not have any problems with writing a GCSE science coursework. However, teachers do not understand that not every student has deep understanding of math and not every student possesses excellent writing skills. These two factors combined may result in a course failure. In addition, teachers do not want to listen to you when you say that you have to write wealth of essays for all subjects while having a job at the same time.

Here is a short excerpt of a science coursework posted here to give some ideas on how to write general science coursework. The topic is not specific and this coursework is written more from historical perspective than from scientific.

GCSE Science Coursework Sample

It is commonplace to suggest that human society as we know it is inconceivable without all the arts, both fine and useful, without the impulse towards imaginative vision, towards humanism, as well as the strong impersonal desire to know, to satisfy objective curiosity. The most richly human figures of the past, Dante, Plato, Leonardo, Goethe, Shakespeare, Montaigne, Molière, have divided their attention between the two poles; they gave intuition, the poetic impulse, its full place, while recognizing that there is a realm in which the individual insight counts for less, the consensus for more, where what is known can be evaluated objectively, and its basis in experience repeatedly controlled. To allow logical analysis to create the illusion that experience may be broken into completely discrete parts is to betray the insight of every individual whose mind moves from the arts to abstract knowledge, even from enjoying the sunset to elementary arithmetic. And what is true for the individual mind as it moves through daily life is also true for humanity in general as its culture accumulates around it, its artistic product in museum and library, its science in the knowledge and skills of the engineer and the experimenter.

Thus it was only natural that in the sixteenth century the sciences should have received a strong and perhaps decisive directing impulse from the recovery and interpretation of the classic texts of Archimedes, Euclid, Hippocrates, Galen, and many others. While some of those who made the classical background of modern science available could be described as scientists, all of them were at the same time grammarians, translators, editors, scholarly publishers, whose accumulating experience and combined efforts gradually built up a consciousness of the tradition of the theory and philosophy of science, by putting important texts and commentaries in the hands of a large and omnivorous new reading public. Only gradually did experimental science become a discipline conscious of itself as something quite different from the older philosophic schools. The great figures of the seventeenth century, Descartes, Hobbes, Gassendi, Locke, Spinoza, Leibniz, still carry with them in their thought the imprint of philosophy as a mistress, unifying all knowledge.

Among these, however, some do more than others to create the independence of science, to identify it as a new field within which men could work without regard for the prejudices of the general public or the traditional positions of the schools. In this light, Gassendi is not as clearly a new man as Descartes, and Hobbes is less strikingly original than Leibniz or Spinoza.

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