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Free Paper Research: What is a Research Paper?

Just imagine. "Research paper"… What image comes into mind as you pronouns those words? Working with packages of articles and books, endless search and analysis of information? It is does not matter what image you saw, it is surely will be a numerous sources of different information-articles, books, people, mass media and artworks.

In fact the research paper shows that the writer has a strong understanding of the topic and use source material correctly. Also the research paper shows that the writer has read widely on the topic, including the works of recognized authorities in the field.

Free Paper Research: Steps!

If you want to succeed in writing free research papers, you should pay attention to the following steps in making a good research work.

1. Choose a topic.

If it hasn’t been assigned to you, try to think of something original. Choosing something that actually interests you will make the process a lot less painful. Also, try to choose a topic, which you will be able to find a variety of suitable information. Avoid long topics, try to narrow it. Instead of writing about "Medicine," you could narrow that down to “Injections".

2.& Research.

The purpose of a research paper is to research a topic. The process of reading the book at the library, surfing websites, looking for the encyclopedias and other reference books is an integral part of the choosing theme. Find as much as possible written information about your topic and it will be easier to point out all the topic statements. It will facilitate searches of advantages and disadvantages according to your paper topic.

3. Read your materials.

Depending on the number of information you actually have on your hands, you should not to read everything. Try to scan through it in order to get the general points of each article. Then you should read the most useful parts in details. Try to remember all important pages and write down any quotes you want to use in your paper. Try to distinguish the most important passages and other useful information.

Make sketches, which will contain all appropriate information.

4. Write your own thesis statement.

This is one of the most important parts of the essay-writing process. Your thesis statement is usually one sentence that states your main point, or subject. Make sure that it accurately represents what you are trying to say. Remember that you have to be able to prove, using your research, anything you say.

5. Write your own paper.

Every paragraph should work towards proving your thesis statement. Now is the time to use that information you spent so much time researching. Use quotations to reinforce your evidence and support your thesis. Always be sure to cite your sources.

Free Paper Research: Warnings!

Read carefully these warnings and try to avoid them while you are writing free research papers.

  • Watch your step with low quality references. Most teachers unsatisfied with the quotes used as scholarly references.
  • Do not plagiarize works, which have been done by other people; if the best happened you will receive a failing grade on a paper, if worst you can be expelled from school. If you are not sure in yourself it will be better for you to read some extra information in order to avoid plagiarism.

Follow these tips and you will pass your work successfully!

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