Frankenstein Thesis


Frankenstein Thesis

As it is known, “Frankenstein” is the novel written by Mary Shelly, the British writer. Having mixed the images of the Frankenstein, the scientist who created the monster, and the creature itself, some students call the last one by the name Frankenstein. But it is wrong, and maybe confusion is due to the cartoons which used the name for the creature, but not for the scientist.

So try to avoid this mistake in your Frankenstein thesis, because it is estimated as the ignorance of the main subject as related images to it.

Frankenstein thesis is difficult for interpretation into the writing, as there are a lot of images and symbols. Thesis itself implies the writing about the stated problems, which can be solved by using several tips summarized below.

Frankenstein Thesis Tips

  • The narration of the story makes it interesting and mysterious, so try to use the main images and disclose the symbols for the great Frankenstein thesis.
  • Your aim is not a judgment of the characters, as the paper does not imply the opinion essay writing. It should be adjusted as analysis of the behavior, actions of key characters, their motivations, etc.
  • Try to discuss both good and bad actions of the creature and why they were included into the story.
  • Make your conclusions in the end of the Frankenstein thesis writing.

Topic Idea for Frankenstein Thesis

    1. Gothic and romanticism features in the Frankenstein novel.

Try to argue about the development of the characters, settings and surroundings, voice of the narrator, tone of the story, symbolism and several examples of it, and tie it to the features of the gothic literature and romanticism direction.

    1. The theme of creation by God.

Some researches call Victor, the scientist, as God because he creates a unique creature in the laboratory. The features of Victor’s character should be defined and discussed. You can explain whether Victor succeeds playing God. Keep in mind one simple rule: you must prove your thesis statement with specific quotes and examples from the novel.

    1. The subtitle of the “Frankenstein”. The subtitle is “The Modern Prometheus”. So, you can define this novel by tracing similarities between the novel and the famous myth which describes Greek man, Prometheus, who had stolen the fire from the heaven to give it to people.

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