Environmental Essays


Writing Environmental Essays

Environmental essay should include discussion on the relevant topic of your choice which is related to the issue of environment. You want to write an impressive and interesting essay; therefore, your topic should be interesting as well.

In order to get the interest of the audience, you need to choose a topic which is relevant and important today, not 20 years ago. For example, you may write about global warming, its causes and effects, AND add information about the strategies developed by global community to address the topic today.

Also, you need to take into account that topics which are very popular are not always suitable for environmental essay writing. Why? Because you will have nothing new to say in your essay. Consequently, you will not get a good grade because your environmental essay will be nothing more than a mere repetition of the ideas which are abundant in secondary research.

Guidelines on Environmental Essays

  1. Choose the topic and conduct preliminary research on it
  2. Write down a thesis statement and an informal outline
  3. Write the first draft without paying attention to format
  4. Conduct additional research to improve the draft
  5. Revise the draft by adding information you have found
  6. Check draft for grammar and spelling mistakes
  7. Review the essay for format requirements
  8. Make sure all sources are referenced properly

Interesting Topics for Discussion

  • Global warming causes and effects
  • Does the Earth suffer from ozone holes?
  • Earthquakes and their results
  • Industry and technological process: is it really a progress?
  • The problem of rubbish and waste products
  • Agenda 21: what for is it?

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