English Thesis


English Thesis

English thesis writing is a difficult task and students are expected to work hard on it. Good thesis embeds huge amount of work including such vital thesis writing steps as searching, collecting, analyzing information, and writing. In addition, you need to follow proper format for your English thesis (fundamental introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion), editing and formatting drafts, and writing a final copy of it.

Given the scope of required work for thesis writing, you need to start working as soon as possible. It is also essential to have sufficient understanding of the topic, define clear objective for writing, and formulate good research questions.

English Thesis Writing Tips

  • Make notes while researching. You will need your notes both for ideas and proper referencing
  • Do not copy any ideas without referencing! Otherwise, you’ll get F on your project
  • Put thesis statement into a question form to guide your research
  • Rely on reputable sources of data only (published sources are the best for academic writing)
  • Proofread your English thesis before submitting it to the teacher
  • Ask your instructor for additional clarification on formatting rules
  • Try to gather primary data through interviews, polls, or questionnaires
  • Use appropriate language for your major and academic level
  • Include original examples, diagrams, and tables to help the reader visualize your ideas
  • Do not leave quotations without comments; add your understanding of the ideas of others

English Thesis Formatting

1.      Cover Page with title, your name, and date

2.      Table of Contents with page numbers

3.      Abstract with a short overview of thesis

4.      Introduction with a background information on the topic

5.      Body paragraphs including literature review, methodology, findings, and discussion

6.      Conclusions and Recommendations

7.      References /Works Cited

8.      Appendices with tables, questionnaire forms and other supporting information

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