English GCSE Coursework


English GCSE Coursework

When I was a student, I hated coursework writing assignment. Don’t understand me wrong, I love writing, especially research papers, when I have to gather a lot of information, read wealth of articles, think about the topic and create a unique paper. However, English GCSE coursework has made me nervous because of the format specific. I have decided to give you a sample English GCSE coursework to help you a little bit. The following sample English GCSE coursework is written about heredity and life in general. I hope you will find it helpful. If you have to write a Maths GCSE Coursework for example, or looking for great tips on writing Macbeth Tragic Hero essay, you may surf our blog for great articles posted for free!

English GCSE Coursework Sample

Researches on twins, such as those carried out by Newman, Freeman and Holzinger in 1937, likewise show that environment is the cause of differences even between individuals endowed with the same hereditary potentialities. Not everyone, of course, would be willing to subscribe to the thesis that "what heritage can achieve can also be achieved by environment," though, on the other hand, everybody must admit that the action of environment does get added to the influence of the genes. If it were only the gene factors which were effective in the production of functional qualities or forms, then the only worry of eugenics would be when seeking improvements in human social groupings or in animal and plant stocks. It is easy to show that this in itself is not enough; of equal importance is euthenics, that is instruction in betterment in its most varied aspects.

On the basis of heredity we build up the framework of the triangle of life, whose shape and height as well as its area can change considerably, even though its base, heredity, remain constant in all cases. The other two sides of the triangle represent respectively the environment in general and the special case of environmental intervention which is training or education. Though enjoying the same hereditary birthright, the area of the triangle, the capacity of direction in life, may vary considerably.

There is no room therefore to forget the circumstances which contribute throughout life, and especially in its earlier periods when the future and the fate of the individual is decided, to the way in which such life shall develop. Conditions in the environment will take part in the production of forms and in the development of functions. If an individual during its lifetime becomes adapted to environmental circumstances, is it necessary then to discuss the adaptation of species: We find ourselves up against the so well-known question of the transmissibility of acquired characters. We have seen that Lamarck made such transmissibility the keystone of his theory, and that latterly it has been denied practically unanimously.

The material nowadays at our disposal is profuse. We may remember among many others the well-known experiments of Kellog and Bell in 1907 on the silkworm larva Bombyx mori. By varying nutrition, functional and morphological modifications were obtained which were transmitted by heredity to a certain number of generations. Tower in 1906 carried out almost simultaneously researches making use of beetles' larva, which he subjected to environments of various degrees of humidity, whilst Picted in 1925 went into the same question, using larva from different sorts of butterflies and moths, which he also caused to vary through feeding and humidity.

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