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Earthquake Essay Writing

An earthquake essay is a kind of a cause and effect essay, in which a student should discover reasons for an earthquake and following effects for people and nature.

 Students should write an essay on the given topic or take a topic, which will allow them to describe a certain natural disaster.

Earthquake Nature

Generally, earthquake is an unexpected remit of energy in the upper mantle or earth's crust, usually the reasons for that is movement along a fault plane or by volcanic activity and having result in the generation of seismic waves that can be destroying. Students may write this general information in the introductory part of their earthquake essay.

Features Of An Earthquake Essay

  • You may not begin writing, basing only on your poor knowledge of the earthquake process. The necessary process of collecting and sorting data and useful examples should be on the first place in your plan of work on your earthquake essay.
  • A student should represent the whole picture of earthquake on the instance of natural calamity on the certain territory.
  • Critical thinking and analysis of causes and effects are necessary. Students cannot write an earthquake essay in the form of narration, as the writing should base on the sequence of events, which cause an earthquake and lead to certain results.
  • An earthquake essay should have a structure of the certain mode. A five-paragraph essay will suit the best, because of the feature to disclose the information step-by-step.
  • As for presentation of information in an earthquake essay, a student may give the description of how an earthquake process occurs itself in the first part of the body, in the second part a student should write about devastating effects of it. However, you may give the description of effects of this phenomenon in several paragraphs. Everything depends on the scale of an earthquake. Devote the introductory part to leading readers into the phenomena of an earthquake and write the thesis sentence, conclude your findings in the last part of yourearthquake essay.
  • Reading twice of your earthquake essay is an obligation, because revising helps to identify both rough and minor mistakes. In addition, you may be sure in the right structure, if you will look up in several earthquake essaysamples.

All the above presented features should be the main elements in the writing an earthquake essay, because students may mix types of essays or present information in another lights.

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