Drunk Driving Essays


Drunk Driving Essays

Drunk driving essays can start by analyzing the fact that western culture and the drinking of alcoholic spirits seem to go hand in hand. Somehow the whole social fabric revolves around:

  • Having a drink with your mates in the pub
  • The concept of being able to hold your drinks like a man
  • The drinking of wine in religious ceremonies and
  • Drinking a toast to some ones health
  • Drinking at parties
  • Drinking generally being associated with the idea of ‘having a jolly good time.’

After starting with an introductory paragraph that elaborates on the acceptance and encouragement of drinking in Western culture drunk driving essays can go on to point out thatjust as society is often responsible for shaping a criminal, we can also say that society is responsible for patterns of socialization that condone and encourage drinking.

Can you imagine going to a friend’s anniversary and refusing to drink a toast to their happiness? But then what happens when you try to drive back at night after having ‘one too many’ and giving in to the request for, ’One more down the hatch’?

Drunk driving essays should point out how all this culminates on the dangerous effect of drunk driving.

Drinking and poor motor ability

Drunk driving essays should point out that one of the most crucial things about drinking alcohol is knowing when to stop. While having a drink or two at the most can enhance a person’s ability to socialize the third and fourth drink has devastating effects on our motor ability. This is why there is an increased tendency to have accidents when a person who has been drinking, drives.So after discussing the social implications of drinking drunk driving essays can go on to give some interesting statistical information on the number of accidents that take place annually on the road due to drunken driving.

The third paragraph of drunk driving essays should go on to analyze why it is so difficult to curb this menace and what the law is doing to try to control drunken driving

Breathalyzer tests

Due to the rampant amount of accidents caused by drunken driving the law is now taking a very serious view of drinking and driving. One of the methods to hold this menace in check is by taking surprise breathalyzer tests especially during times of drunken revelry on New Year nights when a drunken driver can be brought to book.

These are just some of the points for discussion in drunk driving essays.

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