Double Spaced Essay


Double Spaced Essay: In Favor or against It?

A lot of arguing one can see around double spaced essay, as some colleges consider it to be the only way of arranging essay and all the other academic papers, meanwhile, others, state that only one space between paragraphs should be used according to the latest norms and requirements from essay writing.

Well, if speaking about the rules and demands from academic writing, it should be stressed that until 2008 it was a norm to write double space essay. In 2008, it was declared that no more double essay spaced should be written. One space between the paragraphs is the only correct way of arranging your pieces of academic writing. You see such confusion.

MLA Style Double-Spaced Essay Essentials

It was indicated by U.S. Government Printing Office Style Manual that double spaced essay should become, so to say, one spaced essay. However, nowadays, you can meet both ways of essay writing, which are one spaced essay and double spaced essay.

At this point, a question arises: how to write your own essay when you get a task to write it either with the help of one space or with the help of two spaces. Well, it is rather difficult to answer this question, as it was mentioned in the MLA Style Manual you can use both of the ways while writing, depending upon the point of view of your professor.

That is why the only correct way for you to make your decision at the subject of how to arrange your essay is to have a consultation with your professor. This is the only right decision that can speak either in favor of double spaced essay or against it.

Double-Spaced Essays Look Neater

However, from the other side, the majority of tutors emphasize that the assignments written with the help of two spaces between the paragraphs look neater and better arranged. For example, if speaking about GCSE English Coursework, it is demanded that it should be written with the help of two spaces if there are no any other special requirements, of course.

Double spaced essay question is rather controversial one, however, with the help of our article you know a way out from this situation, which is to consult with your professor. If you do not want get into a trouble and spoil your wok because of someone can not make a deal at the subject of whether to use double spaced essay or not, better set this question to your professor.

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