Dissertation Paper on Addiction


Dissertation Paper on Addiction

By definition, addiction is the compulsive need for the harmful substance. An addicted person is the one who is physically and psychologically dependent on habit-forming substance. There are many different types of addictions. For example, there is drug and alcohol addiction, smoking addiction, etc. Addition tears families apart and devastate the lives of people. If you are writing a dissertation paper on addiction, you should define the clear topic for your project. The following list of possible topics may be helpful for you.

Dissertation Paper on Addiction Topics

  • Internet addiction vs. alcohol addiction. As internet use becomes an integral part of normal daily functioning for many people, the question appears whether internet addiction exists and whether it is different in any regard from the alcohol addiction
  • Gambling addiction. Gambling is prohibited throughout many countries in the world. How does gambling addiction develop? What are the strategies to overcome gambling addiction? Is it the side product of our culture?
  • Sex addiction. Is it a physical or psychological problem? How do people acquire sex addiction? What are the symptoms of sex addiction? Is sex addiction a problem?
  • Drug addiction. Every person makes mistakes; even though not every person becomes a drug addict. What is the most effective strategy to overcome drug addiction? What is the role of social factors in the formation of drug addiction?
  • Computer addiction. Is it a problem of the modern society? What is the role of computers in our lives

Undoubtedly, these dissertation topics are rather too broad and you should strive to narrow the focus of your dissertation. If your dissertation topic is sex addiction, for example, it does not tell anything to the readers as you should add something new into the existing research body on this topic.

Dissertation Paper Formatting Tools

  1. Title Page: title should be brief and meaningful
  2. Abstract: concise summary of the whole dissertation paper; should not exceed 300 words
  3. Table of contents including all sections of your dissertation
  4. Introduction: provide the purpose of research, clear research questions, background data
  5. Main body divided into chapters. Each chapter should have the title and be further divided into subsections. You should include graphs and tables to make your dissertation more representative of your writings and findings
  6. References. Be sure to cite all sources used for dissertation writing. Otherwise, you will have to deal with plagiarism.

Dissertation Writing Help

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