Dissertation Ideas


Useful Dissertation Ideas

Time goes by, and you still cannot start writing your dissertation… This picture is familiar to many students. Well, what to do, if you are short of time and you have no dissertation ideas?

First of all, relax. Many students pass through similar problems every year, and usually the result of their efforts is visible, they write their dissertations successfully. So be sure, if you work hard, consult your supervisor whenever needed, and if you are careful and attentive, you will manage this kind of work successfully. Moreover, if you are stressed and lack self-esteem, you will not be able to produce any useful dissertation ideas, because writing a dissertation is a creative piece of work.

Secondly, act! An Asian wisdom says that the first step is a half of the way. It is anyway no use wasting your time and just waiting, as your future dissertation is in your own hands.

Well, now when you are relaxed and are full of inspiration, think of the possible sources of dissertation ideas. As you will see from below, they are many:

  • The first person to address, should you have any problems, is your tutor. He or she must have helped many students with their dissertations, so do not be shy and pay him or her a visit. It is very important not to delay your first meeting with the supervisor.
  • It may be surprising, but the good source of dissertation ideas may be your fellow students. Of course, a dissertation should be written individually, but you can share your ideas with your friends, and they will perhaps give you a useful piece of advice.
  • If it is possible, try to look through some past dissertations related to the field you study.  They can become a real treasure house of dissertation ideas. Reading them you will learn more about dissertation structure, stylistics, methodology etc.
  • The last, but not the least source of possible dissertation ideas is internet, of course. There are many educational sites, where one can learn about how to write a dissertation, you can also use online libraries, which is very handy. What is more, you can discuss your dissertation ideas online with other young people.

So, as you see, the most important thing about writing your dissertation is starting doing something. Just do not be lazy and afraid, and in some time you will have your dissertation ready in front of you.

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