Dissertation Guide


Dissertation Guide

The first steps are left behind, you have already chosen your topic, and it is high time to start your research work. As dissertation is an absolutely new kind of academic writing, you need a general dissertation guide. In this paper you will find the necessary information.

Dissertation guide. Language

  • The dissertation must be written in English. Quotations in other languages are allowed without translation.

Dissertation guide. Length

  • There are no strict requirements for dissertation length. Consult your supervisor; he will give you instructions on length, plan and outline of your dissertation.

Dissertation guide. Page size

  • ISO standard paper sizes are not allowed. Use 8.5x11 inches sheets.

Dissertation guide. Submitting on paper

  • Bring a full copy of your dissertation to your thesis advisor, for the final review and approval. After that the Approval Form must be signed by you and all the members of the Special Committee. Finally print your dissertation on archival paper and deliver two copies of it to the Thesis Office. Count the pages to check if no one is missing. Of course, there can be additional requirements, so consult your supervisor.

Dissertation guide. Production

  • Like many other students, you are surely planning to use computer to produce your dissertation, and you will use one of variety software packages. When choosing software, consider the length and the content of your dissertation. Also consider the printer that you will use for the final printing of your dissertation. If your computer does not print to a laser or high-resolution ink-jet printer, use another computer for you not to have objections for the quality of printing. Dot-matrix printers are not allowed.

Dissertation guide. Computer-generated items

  • Computer-generated figures must be of the same standards as the rest of your dissertation. They must be placed within the given margins and have consecutive numbering.

Dissertation guide. Oversized pages

  • If possible, avoid using oversized (larger than 8.5x11 inches) pages. If you have to use them, make sure that they fit the format of the electronic version of your dissertation. In case you submit a paper version of your dissertation, do not fold the oversized pages. Place them in a special tube, on which mark your name, degree and current year.

Of course, the rules of dissertation writing are not limited to the stated above, but we hope that these instructions will help you write your dissertation.

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