Discursive Essay on Smoking


Discursive Essay on Smoking: Aspects to Be Mentioned

One of the main problems students come across while writing their discursive essay on smoking is that they can not stay indifferent and neutral while writing. This topic really touches students as the majority of them are smokers themselves that is why when it comes to the ban of smoking they can not stay neutral and have a lot to say about this very problem in rather emotionally colored manner.

As you know, any kind of discursive essay demands from a writer to hide his or her own points of view, feelings, and emotions while presenting the topic, and just to disclose the present situation concerning the subject of their essays. That is why the majority of students fail to write good discursive essay on smoking because of being too emotional while writing.

Leave Emotions Aside!

If you have received a task to write this very kind of essay, leave your emotions for impressive or descriptive essays; discursive essay on smoking should be written in objective way. Just name all the negative and positive sides of smoking, if there are such and that is all you have to do in your writing. You have to make acquainted the audience with the problems smokers can face. However, at this point, you should not only speak about negative influence of smoking to health.

Mention Medical Aspects

Of course, it is but natural to mention medical aspect of smoking in your discursive essay on smoking, but do not forget to speak about the rights of smokers, which are rather often depressed. For example, if a person smokes, he or she is the only one to make such a choice. If he or she wants to smoke but there is no special place for smoking, what he or she should do? To smoke for smoker is as natural and vital as to eat or drink.

Take Smokers’ Side

Of course, it may sound a little bit weird, but it is true. Speak about the problem of lack of special places for smokers in your discursive essay on smoking as well as about the bad influence, smoking has to the health of smokers and to the health of people who surround smokers. Such discursive essay on smoking is going to be informative and really discursive one.

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