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English Literature Essays: The Example Of Work

Custom English essay on the topic “What do we learn from literature?”

…The most direct answer to the question 'what do we learn from literature?' is 'many things, depending upon what is read, by whom, and in what spirit'. However, my question is narrower. First, I shall be concerned with what literature can contribute to our education. The point of this distinction, as R. S. Peters has repeatedly affirmed, is that not all cases of learning are cases of education. Fagin's boys learned how to pick pockets: they were not thereby being educated. I shall take it as axiomatic that education is concerned with what is good (Peters's celebrated use of the term 'worthwhile' seems to me to be too weak). Second, I shall be concerned in particular with what literature contributes to our moral education (though for reasons I shall not elaborate on here, I think that all education has a moral dimension). In exploring this question, I shall be forced to examine what is meant by moral understanding and elucidate its non-propositional features. I shall first reject one formulation of the 'cognitivist' account of literature and try to show how it is possible to learn from literature without accepting propositions about human life 'implied' by literary works…

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