Criminal Justice Research Proposal


Criminal Justice Research Proposal: To Write a Good Proposal

You want to write a good dissertation paper on a topic related to criminal justice? First and foremost, you should write a good criminal justice research proposal. One should notice that it is rather challenging task. Firstly, you should not just describe your ideas about the research but present detailed explanation of what exactly you are going to research and in what way you are going to make this research. Secondly, you should persuade the committee that your research topic is actual and worth studying. This means that you should present irrefutable arguments proving that your research will have great practical value and thus it is necessary to make it.

So, how can you write a good criminal justice research proposal? It goes without saying that first of all you should be prepared for your work well. You should make your mind on a topic of the criminal justice that you would like to devote your research to and study this topic thoroughly. You are supposed to know your research topic well when studying your criminal justice research proposal. Only after the good preparation you may start writing your proposal.

Stages of Writing a Good Criminal Justice Research Proposal

Let’s split your task into several parts!

  1. Make a thesis statement. You should formulate a research question in order to make your research more specific. That is why when studying your topic you should point out an issue that catches your interest. When composing a thesis statement do not forget that it should give your audience coherent idea about the subject of your research.
  2. Discuss the literature on the issue. On the one hand, you should prove that your research will have a solid theoretical basis. On the other hand, you should demonstrate that you have studied the informational materials properly. The matter is that you should discuss not only the sources that support your thesis but also those that reject it.
  3. Discuss your research methods. You should state what methods you have chosen for making your research. Explain what exactly they suggest and why you consider them being the most appropriate for your research.
  4. Make your conclusions. Summarize your criminal justice research proposal in several statements. Your conclusions should be clear.

Do not forget to state the terms you are going to make your research within.

Help in Writing a Criminal Justice Research Proposal

If you have some problems with writing of a criminal justice research proposal, we will help you solve them.

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