Communication Research Proposal


Communication Research Proposal: What Should Be Discussed?

Communication research proposal is written in the case when you have to write a dissertation paper on communication. The aim of any research proposal is to present the committee a research project. It is neither a dissertation paper draft nor even a research plan. When writing a research proposal you should present your ideas regarding what to research and in what way to make this research. You should explain why you consider your research actual and valuable. Moreover, you should present your proposal in such a way that the committee members should have the same opinion about the issue.

Thus, making of a research proposal is very important in the process of writing of a dissertation paper. If you are supposed to write a communication research proposal, you should do your best. This article will help you if you have any questions about your task.

Parts of Successful Research Proposal

Let’s find out what you should write in your communication research proposal about!

Your communication research proposal should contain the following parts:

  • Title page;
  • Abstract;
  • Introduction;
  • Literature review;
  • Methods;
  • Conclusion.

Each of them should inform your audience about one or another aspect of the research in the clear form.

What should your communication research proposal inform about?

  1. The title page gives your audience little information. It is just the author’s name and the title that reflect the research topic. But this is the most important information that your audience should start studying your research proposal from. You should pay special attention to proof reading of the title page. It should be free of any mistakes as it is the first thing that your audience will meet when studying your proposal.
  2. The abstract is the short presentment of your proposal. Your task is to put the general contents of your communication research proposal in 10-15 sentences. The abstract should overview the main aspects that the proposal sections will focus on.
  3. The introduction should give more detailed information about your research. Dwell on the subject of your research. State what exactly you are going to research and explain your choice.
  4. The literature review should discuss the informational materials that you are going to base your research on. You should demonstrate that you have studied the literature on the issue thoroughly and are able to make your research.
  5. The methods should explain in what way you are going to make your research. What methods have you chosen and why? You should describe each method and explain its advantages.
  6. The conclusion gives the summary of your proposal. You may restate your main ideas or even make some predictions regarding the research results.

This is the information you should keep in mind when getting down to your communication research proposal.

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