Choosing a Dissertation Topic


Choosing a Dissertation Topic

Why do many students feel frustrated about their dissertations? Time is quickly running out, but they simply cannot get started, because they find themselves unable to decide on their dissertation topic. So, if choosing a dissertation topic has turned into a big problem, this paper is for you.

You can run across an idea of a possible dissertation topic in your textbook or a journal, or it may just suddenly appear in your head, but miracles do not often happen, and you do not have time to waste. So, choosing a dissertation topic, keep in mind the following factors:


The most important factor in choosing a dissertation topic is your genuine interest. Writing a dissertation is a huge piece of work, so if you find a possible topic for your dissertation boring and not interesting, you should better not take it. Instead, your existing knowledge of this topic will greatly help you.


The topic that you are interested in should be relevant to the academic department where you study. When choosing a dissertation topic, keep in mind that it should be not trivial.


It is very important to find a supervisor who will willingly assist you in writing your dissertation. Remember that this person should be interested in your topic too and ready to supervise your dissertation.


Choosing a dissertation topic, try to evaluate your ability to write a dissertation on it, employing the proposed methods of research.


Make sure that you will be able to perform a definite volume of work within the available period of time.

Before you start working, decide on your own standpoint, because you are expected to demonstrate it too. Think, in what way your own beliefs and ideas affect your research, what your position about the topic is. Of course, you will try to be as objective as possible, but nobody can be absolutely objective, so try to evaluate your own position honestly.

Choosing a Dissertation Topic Can Be Easy

Well, choosing a dissertation topic is not that difficult as you have expected it to be, isn’t it? If you take the above-stated factors into consideration, it will be much easier for you to choose a topic. Even if you have not still come to a decision, address your supervisor. Your teacher must have helped many students with their dissertations, so he will surely give you a useful idea.

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