Business Dissertation


Business Dissertation

Business dissertation cannot be written overnight as well as it cannot be within a couple of days. Writing a business dissertation, you have to devote sufficient time to reading, analyzing, structuring, formatting, and other steps of good business dissertation writing. Down this page is a short excerpt from a dissertation written on Russian workers in 1930s.

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Business Dissertation Excerpts

Eccles had already caught a mild case of Potomac fever and was scheduled to appear along with some two hundred other leaders in business and economics before a "lame duck" session of the Senate Finance Committee investigating the cause and cure of the depression. This was a period when a puzzled country desperately cast about for answers. The week after Roosevelt's inauguration, it was reported that close to a half million letters arrived at the White House, thousands with plans for beating the depression. College students switched from the study of humanities to courses in economics. Controversial lecturers on politics and economics such as Stuart Chase, Lincoln Steffens and John Strachey, the British socialist, found large audiences throughout the country. "Social significance" was the measuring rod in the arts and the church as well as on the campus. It was a time of great speculation and receptivity to new ideas, an ironic by-product of living so close to the margin of existence. There was a friendly interest in Russia, for example, at that time too weak a country to transform the interest into fear. Henry Ford was hosting seventy Soviet engineers inside the Dearborn plant one day in 1932 while 3,000 unemployed workers demonstrated on the outside. Norman Thomas polled 885, 000 votes in 1932 as the Socialist candidate for the Presidency, his shining integrity and impeccable background attracting voters from all walks of life.

It was also a time of compassion and trust brought about by the common misfortune. Hitchhikers were picked up by motorists without fear and the parks were walkable at night. Yet violence lurked below the level of this decency. Frustrated and hungry people could be expected to follow strange leaders and they soon did, dangerous ones like Huey Long, Father Coughlin and Gerald L. K. Smith, or harmless ones like Dr. Townsend and Upton Sinclair. A great deal of the unrest was directed at the business and banking class, the natural scapegoats of any economic débacle. In conservative Iowa, farmers had mauled agents of mortgage companies and formed a militant association under the effective leadership of Milo Reno to sabotage food production. Roosevelt regarded Reno's Farmers' Holiday Association with grave concern from the day he took office and undertook his first efforts at currency inflation largely to pacify them with farm price increases. In Pennsylvania miners appropriated coal seams on company property and sold the ore for what they could get daily. The Governors of Minnesota and Nebraska were forced to declare a moratorium on foreclosures to avoid worse trouble.

Business Dissertation WRITING HELP

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