Art Coursework


Art Coursework

When a student must write an art coursework, he or she faces a difficult dilemma – how to start writing an art coursework? This article is written with the hope to assist you with your art coursework writing. In this article you will find tips on how to conduct a research, how to present the findings, and how to organize your ideas.

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Art Coursework: Conducting Research

Art coursework should be written in your own words but it does not mean that you should not consult secondary sources. On the contrary, you are encouraged to conduct a research: read articles, surf the net, and attend the library. You need to be careful not to be trapped in the wealth of unreliable information = pay attention only to trusted sources. The second factor requiring your attention is related to the risk of using words or ideas of others as your own. Your task is not rewrite whatever has already been written but to present an original argument and support it with evidence.

Art Coursework: Structure

Writing an art coursework, you should organize your ideas logically. The opening section of your art coursework is introduction. Here you need to include a clear, comprehensive thesis statement. It is a good idea to include a definition of art as a product of man’s creative activities. You may also explore the concept of fine arts – paintings, sculptures, engravings. Any object or action that requires imaginative, creative, and nonscientific knowledge can be explored. The main body of your art coursework should include evidence, supporting data, and examples. Visual aids are highly recommended!  The concluding section should present your key findings and wrap the whole essay.

Art Coursework: Checklist

Good art coursework:

  • Has a topic and includes description of creative pieces
  • Follows academic format and requires style
  • Develops the discussion on the creative pieces
  • Presents reliable descriptive evidence
  • Is original and based on your own conclusions
  • Is presented as a case study (critical!)

Art Coursework: Writing Services

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