2a Biology Coursework


2a Biology Coursework

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2a Biology Coursework Sample

How the modern world of scientific ideas differs from the old order we can, perhaps, best see by examining the philosophy of Francis Bacon. Was he truly a prophet of science? He erred in his view of the real nature of the scientific process, nor need we exalt the accuracy of his particular vision. But an examination even of his errors will help us, who stand upon his shoulders, to see more clearly things hidden from 'the greatest, wisest, meanest of mankind'.

The juristic eminence of Francis Bacon is universally conceded, the magic of his pen is abundantly evident, the ingenuity of his conceptions is generally allowed. But with all these powers he fails us in the first demand that we make upon a prophet -- accuracy of vision. His view of the vast developments of science in the ages that were to follow was far from being close to the phenomena. Moreover, in applying what he believed to be the method of the new science, Bacon showed little skill and had no success. He thus failed in some measure as a scientific philosopher, and to a still greater extent as a practical man of science.

Let us consider Bacon's attitude toward the investigation of Nature. What was this new scientific process which he practised worse than he preached? The answer can now be given in a word. The process of scientific discovery is essentially an act of judgment. In ultimate analysis a scientific discovery is a work of art. This Bacon quite failed to envisage.

Bacon was for conducting his investigations by collecting all the facts. This done, he thought, the facts might be passed through a sort of automatic logical mill. The results would then emerge. But this method cannot be applied in practice, since facts, phenomena, are infinite in number. Therefore we must somehow choose from among them, though Bacon thought otherwise. How then shall we choose our facts? Experience shows that they only choose profitably who have a knowledge of how their predecessors have succeeded or failed in their choosing. In other words, the process of choosing facts is an act of judgment on the part of a learned chooser, the man of science. So it is also with the process of choosing words on the part of the word-chooser whom we call a poet. The choice of the man of science, as of the poet, is controlled by knowledge of his art -- of 'his subject' as we are wont to call it at the Universities or in the laboratories

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